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4th June 2013

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Woooahhh! Yes! Don Rosa The greatest Donald duck artist in my opinion! He was wisiting Sweden so i simply  couln’t waste a opportunity like this! I wanted to impress him so why not make a cosplay of his own character Armand Lutin or Le chevalier noir as the black knight! 

Pic: 1, 2, 3 : “I make the armor out of sleeping mattress that will look great and its easy to work with!”

No! what the hell was i thinking? It took forever to get rid of and it wasn’t easy at all to work with not even mentioning how warm it was after just 2 sec. All it’s good for is filling out space, more about that in later cosplays.

Pic: 4,5 : “This time i will use foam sleeping mattress that will look great and its easy to work with!”

And it did! I used my trusty glue gun and glued the pieces together. It was a pain to actually get foam pieces that fits AND make me be able to move. Do and redo, cut and glue! Used a form of paper staplers to hold moving pieces together.

Pic: 6,7 : The hands! I actually put mattress on mattress here and hoped for the best. The best did come! All i had to do was removing the old layer of sleeping mattress :P Then you can se a failed experiment with aluminium to make it look moar like metal. Will try that again sometime it was pretty fun trixing and flixing with it.

Pic: 8,9 : Unfortunally thhe store i brought from didnt have to many black foam mattress so i had to spray paint it :/ Didnt buy enough and it started to peel of the armor as soon it dried. (Note to self: Paint a small part before you paint it all sucker)

Pic 10: Great success! Don loved it! Will explain the helmet as a stand alone because it was made diffrently.

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